Sensorimotor Interaction Group

The Sensorimotor Interaction group (senSInt) is a newly formed research group at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics (MPI-INF). The group is led by Paul Strohmeier, we conduct research into human perception and computer sensing to improve Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Our research topics include Tactile Rendering, Sensorimotor Augmentation, and On-Body Systems.

The Sensorimotor Interaction Group is co-located with the Human Computer Interaction Lab of Saarland University.

We are currently searching for talented PostDocs and PhD Students, as well as HiWis and Thesis Students .

Check out Talks and Research for more details about the research directions of senSInt.


We experience the world through and because of our bodies. Our perception has adapted to respond to relevant information, which we use to actively create our experience of the world. Perception is a process which combines motor (efferent) output with sensory (afferent) input. The motor and sensory elements are inseparable, hence, sensorimotor.

We conduct research on such sensorimotor loops and explore their role in Human Computer Interaction. Our research focuses on understanding these sensorimotor loops themselves, designing how they might be deployed in on-body systems, and creating the technology, materials, and infrastructure for implementing these.

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September 21st, 2021
Paul has been invited to present at the Assistive Augmentation Symposium. You can watch his talk on Youtube

August 1st, 2021
Over the course of the next months, Courtney Reed (PostDoc), Nihar Sabnis (PhD Student), and Dennis Wittchen (Visiting Researcher) will be joining senSInt.

July 1st, 2021
The Sensiromotor Interaction group joins the Max Planck Insitute for Informatics.

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Recent Publications

2021: BodyStylus: Freehand On-Skin Design and Fabrication of On-Body Interfaces – Narjes Pourjafarian, Marion Koelle, Bruno Fruchard, Sahar Mavali, Konstantin Klamka, Daniel Groeger, Paul Strohmeier, and Jürgen Steimle

2021: Skill Sleeves: Designing Electrode Garments for Wearability – Jarrod Knibbe, Rachel Freire, Marion Koelle, and Paul Strohmeier

2021: Eyecam: Revealing Relations between Humans and Sensing Devices through an Anthropomorphic Webcam – Marc Teyssier, Marion Koelle, Paul Strohmeier, Bruno Fruchard, and Jürgen Steimle

2021: Squish This: Force Input on Soft Surfaces for Visual Targeting Tasks – Bruno Fruchard, Paul Strohmeier, Roland Bennewitz, and Jürgen Steimle

2020: Next Steps for Human-Computer Integration – Florian Floyd Mueller, Pedro Lopes, Paul Strohmeier, Wendy Ju, Caitlyn Seim, Martin Weigel, Suranga Nanayakkara, Marianna Obrist, Zhuying Li, Joseph Delfa, Jun Nishida, Elizabeth M. Gerber, Dag Svanaes, Jonathan Grudin, Stefan Greuter, Kai Kunze, Thomas Erickson, Steven Greenspan, Masahiko Inami, Joe Marshall, Harald Reiterer, Katrin Wolf, Jochen Meyer, Thecla Schiphorst, Dakuo Wang, and Pattie Maes.

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